March 7, 2016

Avoiding the Lethal Mistakes of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Both beginners and seasoned commercial real estate investors are prone to making various mistakes that can prove to be quite lethal. The term “lethal” is generally thought of in terms of a fatal wound, but […]
November 20, 2015

Pre-Funding – Lifeblood For The CrowdFunding Machine

Real estate crowdfunding has become phenomenally successful as a means for sellers and managers to get the funding they need for real estate projects. Investors are also enjoying the benefits of online platforms where they […]
October 23, 2015

How Real Estate Crowdfunding is Impacting Banks

Real estate crowdfunding has surpassed expectations of those directly involved in the sector along with the naysayers who doubted it would ever gain momentum. Entrepreneur reports that the industry is set to top $2.5 billion […]
September 28, 2015

Some Important things to consider about Real Estate Crowdfunding.

Real estate crowdfunding is growing in popularity, not only at home in the United States but globally as well. In the not too distant past, there were only a few players in this market, and […]
September 24, 2015

How the JOBS Act has Impacted Real Estate Crowdfunding

As with any investment phenomenon that begins to attract noticeable attention from investors, real estate crowdfunding has encountered some barriers to entry through the years. Each of these has had to be overcome in one […]
September 23, 2015

The Rise of Crowdfunding and the Democratization of Investing

“There’s a lot going on in the crowdfunding sector,” says Matthew Sullivan, the founder and president of real estate crowdfunding company CrowdVenture. “These changes could be seismic for the way we invest, and contribute to the […]
September 15, 2015

Crowdventure Joins Forces with Equipoise Capital Partners to Deliver Crowdfunded Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Accredited Investors Nationwide

Crowdventure, the real estate crowdfunding platform, has signed a landmark joint venture partnership with Campbell, CA based Equipoise Capital Partners. Collaborating closely with Equipoise management and their highly experienced real estate development and project management […]
September 10, 2015

How Crowdfunding Will Change Real Estate Investing Forever

Crowdfunding has already made an impact on the way traditional investing works. However, for most of us, when we think of crowdfunding, we think of people who want to produce a movie, create a new […]
September 7, 2015

Crowdfunding is Enabling International Investors to Creep into U.S. Real Estate Market

While the real estate market in the United States certainly might cool down from time to time, it never really grows cold. In the same vein, international investors have always been moderately interested in the […]
August 19, 2015

What Crowdfunding Could Mean for Real Estate

Real Estate crowdfunding isn’t lacking for a number of things at the moment. It’s not lacking for platforms, with some 150 currently available through the world (more than half of those are based in the United States) […]

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