Crowdventure Joins Forces with Equipoise Capital Partners to Deliver Crowdfunded Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Accredited Investors Nationwide

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September 10, 2015
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September 15, 2015
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Crowdventure Joins Forces with Equipoise Capital Partners to Deliver Crowdfunded Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Accredited Investors Nationwide

Crowdventure, the real estate crowdfunding platform, has signed a landmark joint venture partnership with Campbell, CA based Equipoise Capital Partners. Collaborating closely with Equipoise management and their highly experienced real estate development and project management team, offers accredited investors across the country a range of high-yield, short-term debt and equity investment opportunities secured by real estate assets.

Leveraging their extensive experience, deal flow and operational capabilities, the Equipoise team will locate, originate and project manage each of the real estate backed debt opportunities that will be offered to accredited investors through the platform. The investment opportunities offered will include residential and commercial real estate across the United States, providing asset class and geographical diversity for investors.

Projects offered on the platform will be pre-funded by and its partners. As the management team only selects projects in which it is willing to make the investment itself, investors can be assured that the investment opportunities that are on offer have been through an extensive due diligence and underwriting process and are project managed by an experienced team. Investors get the added benefit that they start earning interest on their investment as soon as the project funding round closes escrow.

For real estate developers who want to raise funds for their own real estate projects, provides access to new sources of capital quickly and efficiently, using a nationwide network of accredited investors. The loan underwriting processes employed are swift and definitive, giving borrower/developers the money they need when they need it. The Crowdventure platform differs from other crowdfunding lenders, private money lenders and hard money lenders because its goal is to fund as much of the capital stack as possible. This can include the purchase price, rehab price, interest reserves, points and closing costs.

Matthew Sullivan,’s CEO, said “This important joint venture with Equipoise Capital Partners gives our investors access to real estate expertise and creative capital structures that previously were only available to ultra-high net worth individuals and hedge funds, delivering a winning combination of low minimum investment, above market returns, and wide geographical and asset class diversification.”

Tom Braegelmann, Equipoise’s CEO, said “We are delighted to partner with Crowdventure and to be able to give the benefit of our real estate experience, creativity, deal selection and project management expertise to a wider investor audience, and to play our part in the democratization of real estate investing that crowdfunding offers.”

Accredited investors can participate in Crowdventure’s investment opportunities with as little as $5,000. The entire investment process is intuitive, quick and frictionless and can be completed online in minutes, enabling investment decisions at a time suitable to the investor. After completing the process, Crowdventure keeps its investors updated with the progress of their investments, showing how much interest has been earned while delivering the monthly interest distributions to their respective accounts.

CrowdVenture’s mission is to make real estate investing a collaborative, intuitive procedure. Its aim is to give accredited investors the opportunity to participate in high quality, innovative real estate investments across the United States. And its objective is to deliver a range of investments that previously would only be available to ultra-high net worth individuals and hedge funds, which deliver above-market returns while contributing to social betterment.

CrowdVenture empowers its investors to participate in real estate investment opportunities directly, cutting out the middlemen, reducing fees and enabling increased potential returns. The platform is simple, intuitive and secure. It gives investors the tools and information they need to confidently make transactions and monitor their investments online.

Crowdventure lets investors spread their risk, diversify their portfolio and invest in premium real estate opportunities across the United States quickly, efficiently and securely.

About Equipoise Capital Partners
Equipoise Capital Partners is a diverse group of real estate experts carefully combined to bring ultimate gains across the board. The Equipoise management team includes experienced real estate developers, lenders, and loan and fund servicers and they are able to make and manage investments in premier real estate projects around the country. Equipoise manages numerous funds that bring advantages to lenders and borrowers alike and through their established relationships they have the benefit of access to significant deal flow across the United States.

Contact Details
Newport Beach, California
Matthew Sullivan
+1 (714) 369-7812

Equipoise Capital Partners
Campbell, California
Tom Braegelmann
+1 (320) 250-4727

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