Avoiding the Lethal Mistakes of Commercial Real Estate Investing
March 7, 2016
Real Estate Crowdfunding discussion with Crowdventure.com’s Matthew Sullivan
March 17, 2016
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Matthew Sullivan, Crowdventure’s founder and CEO, speaking at the IMN Real Estate Crowdfunding & Marketplace Lending Forum in New York on March 10-11.

Listen to Crowdventure.com’s Matthew Sullivan speaking at IMN’s 2nd Annual Crowdfunding & Marketplace Lending Forum in New York on 10 March. It was a great conference with some excellent speakers, all acknowledged experts in their field.

Here’s the link to the audio recording: http://www.imn.org/audioframe/662%7C160127852394BD47/54FA8B0F96C78?wle=188C2BF5C02341B6B9A0210656BC98DE

Here’s the topic of the panel discussion:

Comparing Routes to Market… Traditional Crowdfunding Syndicator vs. Lead Generation Site vs. Building your Own Platform & White Label Applications
  • What was your decision matrix?
  • Costs vs. time spent on all approaches
  • Did you reach your fundraise goal?
  • What services does a white label provider provide?
  • Evaluating the advertising-led, free sites
  • How have the results been in different environments?
  • Can you use multiple routes to market on the same deal?
  • How much time/effort/$$ did it take to make your own
  • Licensing platform software… What are the deal terms?
  • Comparisons on relationship with investors
  • Branding
  • Pushing parts of deals to other platforms while using your own
  • Long-term cost vs. gains of having your own platform
  • How did you find investors?
  • Using a broker dealer… The pros and cons

The main agenda is here.

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